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Auckland Fringe Challenges Creatives

AdShel is the company responsible for those unique advertising spaces alongside your local bus stop. On Wednesday night they ran their inaugural Creative Challenge, with a grand prize of $125,00 for the winning team.

Such a juicy prize attracted teams from the top ad agencies in Auckland. The brief chosen was to create an AdShel campaign for the Auckland Fringe Festival.

The teams set about submitting designs in sketch form. It’s not often we get to see the results of that many professional creatives focusing on a performing arts campaign. The approaches varied greatly, from interactive exploitations of an AdShel’s physical properties to spare text-based signage where the cleverness was in the words.

The winners, (and standout entry for my money) were the team from Publicis Mojo with their campaign “Leave With More Questions Than Answers” – a superb encapsulation of the Fringe ethos matched with some eyecatching visuals.

Read about the contest here and see some of the entries, including the winners here.